14 Kilowatt Lister Diesel Genset

TS3 Lister Diesel with Newage Stamford generator end, 14KW, puts out 116 amps at 120V or 58 amps at 240V. Currently wired for 240V single phase. Runs without any smoke and 70 psi oil pressure on gauge.  154.6 hours total (correct). New battery, battery hold down kit and battery leads (cables). 12 volt electric starting, mechanical fuel lift pump, 50 gallon base fuel tank with new fuel gauge and lockable fill cap. Cabinet removed and sand blasted, fresh tan paint. New door hardware holds door securely with no rattling or noise. New Hertz meter. New 1" flexible liquid-tite conduit with inside metal lining runs out 18' 6" from genset. Two new #2 wires and one new #4 neutral/ground run out 20' from genset. New air filter, oil and oil filter. Two spare fuel filters and one spare oil filter included. Fuel tank is full of Diesel (50 gallons, $200 worth) and tank has been checked and found to be clean. Unit completely clean, oil and rust free with fresh paint. Has engine monitoring system with shutdown. Manual or auto start. Auto start requires wiring into an automatic transfer switch (get an electrician). Oil drain pipe conveniently located for no mess oil changes. No leaks, no smoke, everything works fine.

There is a place on the front of the engine for a hand crank and there are de-comression levers on each cylinder to relieve cylinder pressure for hand cranking. No hand crank is included. One can be purchased through Lister but I am not totally sure you could swing it inside the cabinet or if it would stick out past the cabinet.

Cabinet is 64" long, 28" wide and 46" high. Allow for knobs of door handles which stick out an additional inch on all sides (6 doors). The muffler sticks out an additional 21" and is an additional 16" high. The muffler can be removed and placed inside for shipping.

Reading of Metal Tags on unit:

Whole Unit (on flywheel housing):
Lister-Petter Plant # 4002531TS3, Volts 120, Ph1, Wire2, HZ 60, KVA 14, PF1.0, KW 14, Amps 116
(currently wired 240V, single phase)

Engine tag :
serial # 4002531TS3A0018

Generator tag:
Newage Serial # 03531/04, Type PCL164F, KVA 14
60 Cycles, single phase, 120V, 116 amps, PF 1.0, RPM 1800, Stator Winding 211, Rating Continuous,
Ambient Temp 40 degrees C, Enclosure 1P22, Excitation Volts 42, AMps 1.40, Insulation class H
(currently wired 240v, single phase)

Fuel Tank:
Pryco (Mechanicsburg, IL), Model PYSB50, Serial 08014517, 50 Gallons, 8/14/90. Material 7-12 gauge, tested to 5psi.


Located at 5917 Hwy 90 East in Broussard, LA 70518
Contact: Jac Cloutier @ (985) 384-9517 or www.triplecmarine.com

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