Steel Watertight Doors
New surplus
Various sizes, Most are quick acting, all appear new and unused except # 8.
Description and prices follow by item #.
All are located in Morgan City, LA. Unless otherwise noted. Available immediately.
Contact: Jac Cloutier @ (985) 384-9517

Item number: Description:

1 and 2) 26" x 54" Left hand opening, 6 dog, with reversed fixed lite (brass), has a 10" clear opening with aluminum deadlight. Steel coaming, new unused, primer paint. $500 ea.(both sold)

3 and 4) 26" x 54" Left hand opening, 6 dog quick acting, with reversed fixed lite (brass), has a 10" clear opening with aluminum dead light. Steel coaminng. New unused, primer painted. $700ea. (both sold)

5) (Front most in picture) 30" x 57", quick acting 6 dog, right hand opening, plain fixed lite, (brass), 10" clear opening, no deadlite, angle frame, Primer paint. Missing both hand wheels, and one hinge pin. New unused, Steel coaming, SOLD

6) 24" x 75", Left hand, quick acting 6 dog, steel coaming. New unused needs paint badly, primer well worn, $800 SOLD

7) 30" x 60" Left hand, 4 dog, Steel coaming, primer paint, new unused $500 (sold)

8) 30" x 60" Left hand, Quick acting, 6 dog, reversed fixed lite (brass), 10" clear opening, with aluminum deadlite. Steel coaming, good used take out has one inch of additional iron around frame. Red one side, white on other, $800 SOLD

9) 44" x 76" Left hand, quick acting, 8 dog, Steel coaming, New, unused, needs cleaning and painting, otherwise OK. SOLD

10) 30" x 57" Right hand (door only), no coaming, 6 dog quick acting $300 SOLD


11-18) 8 each, 28" x 66" (clear opening measurement), 6 manual dogs each, RH (right hand opening), steel construction, steel angle coamings,All new and unused surplus, light surface rust in spots, some more than others, nothing serious.
$400 each, while they last. Overall dimensions are 33 3/4" x 71 3/4". These are in our Broussard, LA yard at 5917 Hwy 90 East 70518. Weight approx 300 pounds each. More pictures available by request to
or 985-384-9517

19-22: 4 each 30 x 66 Clear opening (2 ea. LH, 2 ea. RH), ABS Grade, 6 dog, aluminum doors,
...........steel coamings, 10" diameter fixed lite with 3/4" glass, new, un-used, on original shipping skid,
...........Original lead time was two months but you can have them now!!!
...........Photo below. ALL FOUR HAVE BEEN SOLD

watertight doors

23-28: 6 each 26" x 66" clear opening, 10 dog, quick acting, un-used surplus, two have fixed lites, 10 psi doors!
Photo below. ALL 6 HAVE BEEN SOLD !!!
water tight door